KAIKOO OFFICIAL ONLINE SHOP 新レーベルKAIKOOについて 永遠に続くasia最強のLABELを目指して「鳳凰」(正確には鳳凰のモデルとなった雉)のロゴをHIDDEN CHAMPION / HERMITのDesignerであるYuta Sasaki氏に製作してもらいました。 レーベルスタートをきっかけに来年2016には、KAIKOO FESTIVALの復活も予定しております。 これまでの経験を活かし皆様のご期待に添えますよう邁進する所存です。 今後とも何卒変わらぬご支援ご指導を賜りますようお願い申し上げます。 ABOUT BRAND NEW LABEL KAIKOO While en route to dominate the endeavouring Asian scene, we are proud of present the logo "鳳凰(Houou)" (formally a pheasant represented as a phoenix model) which was created by the designer YUTA SASAKI. his creation include iconic presentation such as HIDDEN CHAMPION/HERMIT. in the wake of the launch starting next year will also be scheduled to return in the legendary KAIKOO FESTIVAL.. i hope to believe with the experiences and support we've gain, we can confidently push forward to new boundaries. we thank all the support and guidance for now and up coming future DJ BAKU